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Evony Knight Class Fan site

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Evony Knight Class Fansite is proud to announce that we are now an official Evony Knight Class fan site.

What does this mean? This means that you all may now promote Hods Realm throughout Evony because we are an approved fan site.

Thanks for your support everyone!

Evony Super Moderators

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

On Septemer 3rd, 2009, Evony opened a new forum rank: Super Moderators

Super Moderators are not of a “higher status” than Moderators, but rather only have a few more permissions. Super Moderators have the power to moderate every single forum board as opposed to just a few selective sections.

If you are in doubt, just PM a Super Mod (Purple Name) and they’ll deal with it for you.

Again, Super Mods are not of a higher status than any other Moderator – they just have a little bit more permissions.

The first two Super Moderators for Evony are: Hods and FoxyBunny.

Evony Fansites Kit

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

“We at Evony™ believe that we have the best player community around and that each of you support the success of the game; after all, since April 2009 we’ve had over 5,000,000 registered active players! Fansites bring large groups of the community together in many different and special ways and we at Evony™ want to show that we support those third party fansites, administrators and staff who dedicate significant time and resources to create a fansite or provide a fan service and keep it going at no cost to the community. We applaud your efforts! It is this type of community spirit we want to foster and encourage.

As such, we are proud to announce and release the Evony™ Community Fansite Program. When your Evony™ fansite or fan service is online and available and wishes to be reviewed, please contact us at [email protected] We will be reviewing your fansite or fan service and if it meets our preliminary requirements, you’ll receive soon after an application form and we’ll begin the formal review process.

If after the formal review process your fansite or fan service qualifies for being included in the Program, we will add your site or service to the Community Fansite webspace which will be located on the official Evony™ website with a direct link to your site! We’ll also be publishing the fact of your fansite being accepted.

If after the formal review processes your fansite or fan service does not qualify for being included in the Program, we will provide immediate constructive feedback on how you can perhaps change or expand your fansite or service to qualify for listing. You can re-apply, but only once per 30 days.

We’re sorry, the Program is not for Alliance websites.

For approved Fansites each recognition level has different rewards!

The Program

There are three recognition levels in the Evony™ Community Fansite Program:

  • Prinzessin Class Evony™ Fansite
  • Earl Class Evony™ Fansite
  • Knight Class Evony™ Fansite

All qualified fansites will have the Knight Class upon successful review and application into the Program. A Knight Class fansite may apply for Earl class after it has been a qualified listed fansite for a minimum of thirty days. An Earl class fansite may apply for Prinzessin class only after it has been an Earl class for thirty days and must meet the requirements.

Evony™ is setting a high standard for the fansites that we include on our Community Fansite area, and this reflects on the desire to have fansites that have a positive effect on the community.

Please read below for the requirements at each level in the program:

knight class

A Knight Class Evony™ Fansite agrees to:

  • Be a fansite not hosted on a free hosting service.
  • Display Evony™ material on a page separate from other non- Evony™ materials.
  • Present news on a page devoted to news posting.
  • Attribute news from the official site appropriately, in order to avoid confusion between company news and site news.
  • Present materials in an attractive format.
  • Update at least once weekly.
  • Display an Evony™ logo and link to the Evony™ site on the page of Evony™ materials.
  • Display appropriate copyright information.
  • Abide by the Rules.

A Listed Evony™ Fansite may receive the following:

An Earl Class Evony™ Fansite agrees to:

  • Display Evony™ material on a page separate from other non- Evony™ materials
  • Present news on a page devoted to news posting
  • Attribute news from the official site appropriately, in order to avoid confusion between company news and site news
  • Present materials in an attractive and professional manner
  • Update at least twice per week
  • Report news from the official site in a timely manner
  • Host or link to a Evony™ -related forum
  • Expand site sections and content within a reasonable period of time when new campaigns, editions or games are released
  • Update content pages within a reasonable period of time when changes are made to Evony™ through updates and other means
  • Present a significant amount of original content, not merely a compilation (mirror) of Evony™ -produced materials
  • Display an Evony™ logo and link to the Evony™ site on the page of Evony™ materials
  • Display appropriate copyright information
  • Abide by the Rules

An Earl Class Evony™ Fansite may receive the following:

A Prinzessen Class Evony™ Fansite agrees to:

  • Focus exclusively on Evony™
  • Update when the official site is updated; carry Evony™ news as it is posted or, when possible, as it takes place
  • Update to report Evony™ news from independent sources such as gaming sites and print publications
  • Attribute news from the official site appropriately, in order to avoid confusion between company news and site news
  • Present materials in an attractive and professional manner
  • Host a Evony™ -specific forum or forum set
  • Present a substantial amount of original content, not merely a compilation (mirror) of Evony™ -produced materials and or the creation of an authorized fansite application.
  • Expand site sections and content within a reasonable period of time when new campaigns, editions or games are released
  • Update content pages promptly when changes are made to Evony™ through updates and other means
  • Post all Evony™ press releases, or post a direct link to them on the Evony™  game website
  • Maintain a specific traffic rate to be agreed upon
  • Email Evony™ fansite traffic statistics monthly
  • Display appropriate copyright information
  • Abide by the Rules

A Prinzessen Class Evony™ Fansite may receive the following:

The Expectations

All fansites in the Evony™ Community Fansite Program member site must agree to the following:

  • To meet and uphold high standards for quality for content and design.
  • To abide by the legal requirements stated in the Terms of Use.
  • To display the appropriate copyright, logo, and legal information and to attribute content and news post from the official site.
  • To assure that site content reflects positively upon the company and the game.
  • To attribute news from the official site clearly so that there is no confusion between official news and fansite news.
  • To disallow and remove links or promotion of adult (pornographic) sites, sites that provide or support software hacking or piracy, sites that support, advertise or offer in-game items for real currency, and sites that encourage game cheating.
  • To moderate Evony™ Community Fansite forums and live chat rooms to enforce reasonable behavior standards.
  • To actively monitor behaviour which reflects poorly on the community and report it to Evony™.
  • To assure that all staff members behave appropriately and to make staffing decisions that assure that the entire site staff is fully in support of the program, the site, and most importantly, the community
  • To abide by the game’s Terms of Use and EULA.

Regarding Traffic Statistics

In order to receive the rewards of Prinzessin Fansite status, fansites in that category are required to submit site traffic (hit count) statistics on a monthly basis. Statistics should be submitted via e-mail on the first of each month to [email protected] In the case of non-Prinzessin sites, we would still be grateful to receive this information, at the discretion of the webmaster. We acquire this information merely for general, statistical purposes. Traffic counts alone will not be used as a determining factor in a site’s acceptance into the Evony™ Community Fansite Program, and all information that is submitted to Evony™ is held as confidential and will never be revealed without the fansite owner’s express permission.”

Evony Scavenger Hunt

Monday, August 17th, 2009

The Evony Moderators have organized an event for the community to participate in and the winner will receive 50 game cents in-game.

“Hey all! It’s time for the first Evony Scavenger Hunt.

Ok, what in the world is that?

The Evony Scavenger Hunt is where players rush around trying to find various “things”, obviously revolving around Evony.

You will face hardships – there will be times when you don’t know what to do

That’s what the Evony community is for! Before we start this competition, I’d like to start with a little cheer:

*Taken from a true post*








Now that we’ve all had some fun doing the Evony Cheer , let’s move on to the goodies.

The First Evony Scavenger Hunt

Hunt Moderators: Hods, Logrus, FoxyBunny

Submit all entries (Via Private Message) to


1) All participants must be registered Evony forum members as of the date/time this is posted.[/color]Those of you with multis will NOT be allowed to submit two entries. We know who you are!
2) Questions with regards to the game must be submitted to the game moderators via PM. If we think you have raised a question that needs to be answered for the good of the game, we will publicly answer it within this thread.
3) No hints, no tips, no cheats will be offered or allowed in the initial phase. We reserve the right to add public hints at random times if nobody can find all the objects.
4) The game begins at the moment this is posted, and ends when we receive a submission that has all 21 objects located correctly. The first (and only the first) completely correct submission wins.
5) In case of any dispute, the moderators running this game will make a joint decision. That decision is FINAL.
6) There will be no ties. One winner will be announced. One prize will be awarded.
7) Moderators, Representatives, and Admin are not permitted to play. Sorry!
8) Each player may only make one submission. If you are incorrect, game over, so think carefully before you send in your entry.
9) Only entries PM’d to Logrus will count.

How to Play:

1) A list will be provided (in the next post) of items hidden within the Evony forums. The first person to find all items on the list, and to submit their exact locations, will win. URLs are encouraged, but not absolutely necessary. However, saying “In Joey’s post” isn’t good enough…we’ll need to know which post in which thread in which forum.
2) The items we list will be quite specific. No tricks, no word plays. If we ask for a “court jester”, we mean a court jester, not a link to some user’s profile who you think qualifies as one, or a post with those words in it. All items will be noted as to whether it is a picture or wording we are requesting.
3) You are welcome to work together to find the items on the list, but there can only be one winner, so be careful who you share information with!
4) Sabotaging another player, cheating, attempting to cheat, altering someone else’s entries, or creating faked objects to confuse other players are grounds for immediate disqualification from the contest.
5) All items will be hidden somewhere on the Evony forums. Any/all forum areas are fair game, as are user profiles, visitor messages, and any other public areas. NO items will be found on any other websites or within the game itself.

Important note: You can only submit your answers once. Have all 21 listed, with their exact locations, and send to Logrus via PM. This is the ONLY WAY you can get credit for your answers and win the prize. Partial submissions, multiple submissions, postings, pm’s sent to the wrong person, etc. will not count. No exceptions![/b]


The winner will receive a serial code good for 50 Evony game cents, to be applied to the account/server of their choosing.

Did I mention you have to send your PM’d entries to Logrus to get credit?

Hods News – 7/4/09

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Happy 4th of July Everybody,

I apologize for the gap between this and the last article. Unfortunately, we had a short vacation. All will be back to normal.

Now on to the good stuff! There are so many new features and updates that I don’t know where to start.

– Due to several new additions to, the “Hods Fan Site” has ceased to exist. From now on, we shall be known as “Hods Realm of Evony”.

– The new additions to are: a fully customized Evony Wiki, a useful Evony Top Site, and a re-formatted community forums. Please read the information at the top of the page about the Hods Realms.

* All contributions and help towards the new Evony Wiki are greatly appreciated.

– All news, updates, changes, announcements, or otherwise broadcasts, are now posted in the Hods section here on this blog. They are no longer posted on the forum.

– A Questions & Answers section has been added on the community forums. Hods will personally answer each and every one of your questions. Our answers will always be in-depth so as to help you fully understand.

– has a new banner up top. The image can be easily clicked if you wish to return to the main page.

– has joined the Evony TopSite. Please vote for us by clicking on the top list button.

Hopefully nothing was missed,

Stay tuned,


RTTH – Prestige Building Secret

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Why am I not getting as much prestige now? Why is my prestige rising slower than it did when I first started?

Many players often wonder what they did wrong. “When I first started, I got 11 prestige just for upgrading a farm to level 4! Now I get 3!”

So what is the secret? What’s the trick? Is Evony scamming us?

The answer to these prestige building questions have not been answered anywhere yet. Are you ready? Read on.

The prestige you gain from constructing buildings, researching technology, and training troops comes from three things. Your Rank, Title, and Town Hall level affects how much prestige you get upon completing a building, research, or troop.

The lower you Rank is, the more prestige you will gain for each completion.

The lower your Title is, the more prestige you will gain for each completion.

The lower your Town Hall level is, the more prestige you will gain for each completion.

Why is this so? Where is your proof?

This is an example of logic and history. In the dark ages and olden times, if a King were to build a few factories, nobody would think he was a “better” (more prestigious) lord. Kings would only become famous if they built a huge castle or defeated a powerful nation in war.

This directly relates to the Rank, Title, and Town Hall level in Evony. To relate Evony to the example above, a King would be a Duke or Prinzessin. People who are have the rank of Prinzessin or Duke should not get prestige for upgrading a barracks to level 5 because they have already established themselves as a powerful person. They should only get prestige for winning a war, or finishing their research of Compass level 10. Now, a player with a rank of Knight will get an unearthly amount of prestige for researching Compass level 10, because that would be an amazing feat for somebody who has established themselves as a “less powerful person”.

How exactly does the Town Hall have anything to do with it?

The Town Hall is a representation of wealth, prosperity, and power. The higher a person’s Town Hall is, the larger his/her castle looks on the Map, and the more economic opportunities arise (resource fields). Don’t forget, you need a certain Town Hall level before you can advance in your Rank and Title. For anyone who had doubts that Town Hall is related to the Title and Rank, your doubts are now put aside.

Here’s a short summary and breakdown of what I have just said.

– The lower your Rank, Title, and Town Hall level is, the more prestige you will gain from completing a building, research, or troop.

– The explanation for this is that people who have higher Ranks, Titles, and Town Halls have given a message to the world that they are already a powerful person. They do not deserve to get as much prestige for the little things they do.

I’m sure many of you have realized the importance of this:

With this information, there is a way to get prestige so efficiently that you outstrip all the other Evony players.

I hereby dub these three factors that determine prestige building as: RTTH

So when your friends or fellow alliance members ask, refer them to this page and simply tell them “RTTH”.

Does this mean I should stay a Civilian my whole life? No it does not.

Does this mean I should never make a second or third city? No it does not.

Does this mean I should never upgrade my Town Hall to higher levels? No it does not.


Do you want Hods to release a guide on the exact process of gaining efficient prestige on Evony? Do you want to know when you should promote yourself, make another city, and upgrade your Town Hall?

Hods News – 5/28/09

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

It’s time for the forum viewers to be up to date if they aren’t already.

– Lots of new basic guides and information has been posted on the homepage. To view them, go to

– The Hods Freebies are nearing a soon release, so stay tuned! Make sure you’re here to get free honor, resources, valleys, and cities.

– We are now the official RSS Feed on the evonyfreeforever toolbar.

Hods News – 5/10/09

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Well I think it’s time for some updates about what’s been going around lately. If you haven’t heard about any of the following, you know now:

– Due to the recent change in name, we have changed our main page link from to
– We have added a few new categories to the Evony Guides sections. These include: First 7 Days which includes guides and help about what you should do in your first 7 protected days of playing Evony and Maxing Resources which has the four ways to obtaining maximum resource productivity.
– We have released the official Evony myspace which can be found here: If you have a myspace account, then please add it so you can be a true Evony fan 😉
– We are nearly finished with developing the Hods Freebies. These freebies will include getting free resources, valleys, cities, and honor. Be sure to be around when we released the Hods Freebies; you don’t want to miss out!
– We passed the 100 posts mark on the community forums.
– We have opened a new opportunity for alliance hosts/officers to get a selective board on our forums for free! Click Here to learn how to get a whole section for your alliance!

Stay tuned for more to come!

– Hods

Hods News – 5/5/09

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Well here are some recent updates to

– I have chosen the first moderator for the Forum: logrus. Congratulations, and thanks for helping out!
– The four guides to maximizing resource production are all complete. You may view them HERE.
– We have gotten some guide suggestions and will be adding them as soon as possible.